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[-r] is a breakcore producer from east london, moulding music from the dark and the dank, carbon offsetting the sad and the lonely with ear shattering harmonics of pleasure. The music is a balance between the coherent, melodic tedium of the everydayness and the utterly mind blowing complexity of high-tech CPU madness. Its the chaotic fuck you to reality. It is recursive.

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Classical piano lessons at a young age, hours of practice spent mastering the 6 strings of a guitar, the punk band he wrote a zillion songs for, the metal band he joined for a while, singer/songwriter-like elements, the magical world of sequencers, synthesizers and oscillators... This is Autonon.

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BeK is a breakcore producer from Douai, France and has been producing for about 5 years.

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Clusterfrog is a side project of producer Daniel Hickman. This alias was created to release some comedy 8-bit dubstep. More serious releases may follow but then again they may not.

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Dangerous Beat

Dangerous Beat produces his distorted beats in his home city of Zagreb, Croatia. He's heavily inspired by old school rave which reflects in his sound and provides an unusual twist to his breakcore tracks.

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Denis Cherryman & The Marsh Bottom

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Alexey is an independent musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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Forest King

A boy called Nathan Dandy AKA Forest King has been toying around with Electronics for the past few years and has worked with Bubblegum Octopus, Whispering Actually, Strangelette and tons more! Influenced by video games and simply everything else that surrounds him, he creates music with AWESOME POWER! Canada is where he was born but he spent most of his childhood in Kipawa.

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An early start as a guitarist in a metal band, Gash swapped his guitar for a laptop and started out making breakcore and jungle mashups, but got turned onto the darker side of bass heavy music through DJing.

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Grave Glitcher

My name is mike. I like sound. Preferably sound made from sine waves (square waves aren't that bad either). I also am severely addicted to cats......Cats and sine waves, what more can one ask for.

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Psychedellic breakbeat rhythms with a blend of electronic synthesis and real instruments. Close your eyes and be still, and you'll be shown eternity itself...

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Maestro delle Metope

Alberto was born in northern Italy from the atomic cloud, in 1985. Living in a quiet, still town, the only natural choice seemed to grow a passion for noise and rabid, frequent shifts. What he does under the name of Maestro delle Metope is just the most electronic shape of this obsession.

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[P-R-Z] is devoted to his primitive LO-FI, 8bit inspired breakcore sound for extreme relaxing!

He has releases by Rus Zud, Breakcore.Nl Music, Sociopath Recordings, Deadpixel Records, HACO Records, Datahex Records and CGE.

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Petr Passive

Petr Passive is the raw and loud electro project of Peter van Drunen (1981, NL), who is also known and active as the melodic breakcore act and producer Autonon. Started in October 2008, Petr Passive developed into heavily 8bit and vocoder oriented tunes, built on harsh, energetic beats, crossing over between all kinds of styles: electro, techno, breakbeat, chiptune and pop.

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What would you get if a Phonemonkey typed at a drum machine for an infinite amount of time? The laws of logic dictate that at some point it would produce a barrage of frenetic broken beats, undulating basslines, agitated synths and, very occasionally, a smattering of a pop sensibility. To test this theory a group of scientists took an actual Phonemonkey and put him in a Petri dish with assorted musical devices. The result was a unique strain of weirdcore: equal parts melody and madness, rhythm and randomness. Open your ears.

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Professor Edit

M. Simmons aka Professor Edit started his musical journey in 1998 doing vocals and production for an industrial project he formed with friends from the local music scene.

In 2006 he started focusing entirely on electronic music and improving his production techniques. He's played 50+ shows in OK and the surrounding states, including the Tulsa Overground Film Festival and the Muskogee Fairgrounds shows.

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Sonic Deadhorse

This is a one-man band, but which also can be played around by joining many people. Because of being fascinated with "Sonic Youth", because of having been hooked by "Guns N' Roses", and the most main reason is because of "Sonic Death Monkey", the band formed by Barry, the lippy clerk of a record shop in my favorite novel "High Fidelity", I grudgingly pay a tribute to the inexistent band by having the name "Sonic Deadhorse".

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Sphyramid is an electronic music producer from the pacific northwest of america. His influences and inspirations stem from progressive rock, idm, reggae, jazz, 90's hip-hop, anime, geometry, outer space and planet earth. He has been making music since 2005 but has only recently defined his signature blend of of glitchy dubs and breaks. There are two reasons why Sphyramid does what he does:
1st - to express himself,
2nd - to inspire you!

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The First Seed & Rubber Muffin

The First Seed

The First Seed grew up playing bass and screaming his guts out in rock, punk, and metal bands meanwhile harboring a secret love for other styles ranging from jazz and classical to harsh noise and IDM, the mix left him permanently warped. Utilizing the freedom allowed through contemporary digital music production and encouraged by the drugged out appreciations of the underground electronic scene his sonic output has varied from one release to the next with a core vein of frustration and societal loathing resonating throughout the lyrics and delivery. Solo and collaborative releases have yielded powerful and emotive results and with Today's Special marking his 8th official release he's already deep into production of his next collaborative and solo albums. Keep listening for more aggressive sounds, heavy unexpected driving rhythms, and spasmodic angular linear progressions as this artist continues to evolve.

Rubber Muffin

"Rubber Muffin is of the most reckless sounds in existance today.... and his live show is even better." - Ninjah Fareye

"A raucous blend of gabber kicks, television static and pop music that refuses to sit still." -Garth

"Hyperly energetic broken blister beats." - Nwodtlem

"Evil mash-up monster. Nasty dancefloor cocksucker. I gotta go to bed." -Sociopath

"A hectic melange of sounds, bass lines, fun times, dark times, himself, and the ones who love him, Rubber Muffin's music is a combination of everything you want in your life's soundtrack." -Some Booty

"Zany, cute, spastic gabber breakcore for lovers of Saturday morning cartoons and abstract thinking." -DJ OTHERPEOPLESMUSIC

"Seing a Rubber Muffin show for the first time is trojan horse, like seeing a hundred clowns get out of a tiny car. His hysterical flailing and crowd hyping are deceaving, as you get so easily lost in his crazy world of theatrics, you forget you are in a night club, and feel transported to another place. A place where Celine Dion and Otto Von chirach can hold hands and rock a breakcore duet. A place where slick, polished productions are happy to be mixed with what lingers in the bowls of the interwebs. You might come back from this place having your junk grabbed, but you will be glad you did." -P-Bot

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Twocubed was conceived to show that nerds love bass too, and that whatever our computer loving friends lack in social graces they make up with facemelting bass...

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Electric thunder dug deep from the flesh pits on green granite hillsides, rumbling through sensual melodies and swirling you through other earthly memories, crashing in torrents that rip through your mind and hammer into your behind - the humans have landed...

London based breakcore, chipcore whatever...

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Zona mc

Zona mc was born in Rimini in 1985 and started to write rap lyrics as a child. During his college years he began to mix rap music with breakcore and philosophy.

He has produced 4 demo and one official cd, "Breakhop" (2009), produced by Gli accostamenti improbabili degli Uochi Toki. Since 2009 he has toured with Uochi Toki, and has appeared on their CD "Cuore amore errore disintegrazione" (2010).

In his Bitcrusher debut "Caosmo", he collaborates with 7 electronic musicians: Alfredtoc, Subduxtion, Grr, Burla2222, GiulioEscalona, A034 and Cybele.

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