The First Seed & Rubber Muffin

The First Seed

The First Seed grew up playing bass and screaming his guts out in rock, punk, and metal bands meanwhile harboring a secret love for other styles ranging from jazz and classical to harsh noise and IDM, the mix left him permanently warped. Utilizing the freedom allowed through contemporary digital music production and encouraged by the drugged out appreciations of the underground electronic scene his sonic output has varied from one release to the next with a core vein of frustration and societal loathing resonating throughout the lyrics and delivery. Solo and collaborative releases have yielded powerful and emotive results and with Today's Special marking his 8th official release he's already deep into production of his next collaborative and solo albums. Keep listening for more aggressive sounds, heavy unexpected driving rhythms, and spasmodic angular linear progressions as this artist continues to evolve.

Rubber Muffin

"Rubber Muffin is of the most reckless sounds in existance today.... and his live show is even better." - Ninjah Fareye

"A raucous blend of gabber kicks, television static and pop music that refuses to sit still." -Garth

"Hyperly energetic broken blister beats." - Nwodtlem

"Evil mash-up monster. Nasty dancefloor cocksucker. I gotta go to bed." -Sociopath

"A hectic melange of sounds, bass lines, fun times, dark times, himself, and the ones who love him, Rubber Muffin's music is a combination of everything you want in your life's soundtrack." -Some Booty

"Zany, cute, spastic gabber breakcore for lovers of Saturday morning cartoons and abstract thinking." -DJ OTHERPEOPLESMUSIC

"Seing a Rubber Muffin show for the first time is trojan horse, like seeing a hundred clowns get out of a tiny car. His hysterical flailing and crowd hyping are deceaving, as you get so easily lost in his crazy world of theatrics, you forget you are in a night club, and feel transported to another place. A place where Celine Dion and Otto Von chirach can hold hands and rock a breakcore duet. A place where slick, polished productions are happy to be mixed with what lingers in the bowls of the interwebs. You might come back from this place having your junk grabbed, but you will be glad you did." -P-Bot

The First Seed & Rubber Muffin - Today's Special

The First Seed & Rubber Muffin - Today's Special

Catalogue: BITCR027
Released: 13 Sep 2013

Today's Special spawned from a jam session between Rubber Muffin and The First Seed in the spring of 2012 over the course of 2 manic hours. The release was initially only going to contain the resulting 7 live improvised noise pieces but after the tracks had been tweaked out to their absolute ADHD spazzed out tourettes inducing maximum the two Canadian breakcore/alternative electronic madmen realized that an ear full of seizures might be too much for even the most hardcore abstract music aficionados and thus each added 3 beat driven tracks (Ralph's Party Balloons, Three Times Twice, and the Missing Cap Edit from Rubber Muffin; Dragon Tails, Fly Trap, and Too Much from The First Seed) and both collaborated on an actual "dance" track; Do Doo Doo. Both artists continue to work on solo material and play live in Canada as often as possible and will definitely be collaborating on more releases in the future.

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