Electric thunder dug deep from the flesh pits on green granite hillsides, rumbling through sensual melodies and swirling you through other earthly memories, crashing in torrents that rip through your mind and hammer into your behind - the humans have landed...

London based breakcore, chipcore whatever...


usedtobecool - Obey your thumbs

4 Mar 2011

We've taken a little detour with this one and put together a chipstep release. It's got some tasty virus basslines and 8bit melodies with a much-slower-than-200bpm vibe.

I can't believe I used to like those guys all over again...

Track listing

  1. Big Boo
  2. Jump exception
  3. Ooh ah (just a little 8-bit)
  4. Frequency loop
  5. Dead rinsing
  6. Serial progression
  7. Crack overflow
  8. Alien vs sexual predator
  9. Level too
  10. Wrong path
  11. Tune raider
  12. Game over

usedtobecool - Only insert if you get a definite yes

25 Aug 2008

The latest installment from usedtobecool sees them return to their roots: breakcore, jungle, basslines and distortion:

Track listing

  1. Objection overulled
  2. Limos powered by bitch juice
  3. Slave to the horn
  4. Fair phoenix
  5. Tested on blondes
  6. Caught cranking
  7. No eunuch
  8. Fucked yeah
  9. Gone, gone, gone
  10. A throbbing bastion of heterosexuality
  11. Only insert if you get a definite yes

usedtobecool - I can't believe I used to like those guys

28 May 2007

The second album from usedtobecool, inspired by a mispent youth playing computer games. A nostalgic journey through a world of playful melodies, warped beats and 8bit sounds.

Track listing

  1. Disqualified from the human race
  2. Eternal witness
  3. Pumping throne
  4. Shadow of the beast
  5. Interlewd
  6. somekindofgaybreakbeat
  7. Wizard's balls
  8. Mi amiga
  9. 303 sea shanteh
  10. Underwood caning

Bitcrusher - Pixelation

1 Aug 2009

The first bitcrusher compilation: an hour of pixelated music for your listening pleasure.

Featuring tracks from Autonon, Dangerous Beat, Gash, Iacchus, Machinochrist, Mothboy, Phonemonkey, Phuq, Producer Snafu, Rtificial, Twice Nineteen, usedtobecool, weyheyhey !! and Z-Kat

Track listing

  1. Autonon - You are very welcome song
  2. Dangerous Beat - Mindcore
  3. Gash - Mainframe
  4. Iacchus - World of goo
  5. Machinochrist - Driftglass
  6. Mothboy - Job
  7. Phonemonkey - Clown torture
  8. Phuq - The Social Decays
  9. Producer Snafu - Loungecore
  10. Rtificial - Another picnic ruined by ninjas
  11. Twice Nineteen - Post Kong
  12. usedtobecool - Looking for grope
  13. weyheyhey !! - When I Think About You I Cut Myself
  14. Z-Kat - Sophia