Sonic Deadhorse

This is a one-man band, but which also can be played around by joining many people. Because of being fascinated with "Sonic Youth", because of having been hooked by "Guns N' Roses", and the most main reason is because of "Sonic Death Monkey", the band formed by Barry, the lippy clerk of a record shop in my favorite novel "High Fidelity", I grudgingly pay a tribute to the inexistent band by having the name "Sonic Deadhorse".

Sonic Deadhorse - Everyone Can Beat a Deadhorse

Sonic Deadhorse - Everyone Can Beat a Deadhorse

Catalogue: BITCR023
Released: 21 Dec 2011

Sonic Deadhorse's glitchy release covers a few styles, united in their glitch and perhaps some playful disdain.

We're releasing this along with some other labels too: Otherman Records, Sociopath Recordings and Vaatican Records, so do check out what they're up to.

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