Zona mc

Zona mc was born in Rimini in 1985 and started to write rap lyrics as a child. During his college years he began to mix rap music with breakcore and philosophy.

He has produced 4 demo and one official cd, "Breakhop" (2009), produced by Gli accostamenti improbabili degli Uochi Toki. Since 2009 he has toured with Uochi Toki, and has appeared on their CD "Cuore amore errore disintegrazione" (2010).

In his Bitcrusher debut "Caosmo", he collaborates with 7 electronic musicians: Alfredtoc, Subduxtion, Grr, Burla2222, GiulioEscalona, A034 and Cybele.



Zona mc - Caosmo

28 Feb 2011

Breakcore meets Italian hip-hop and philosophy in this high-energy release... Zona mc has collaborated with 7 different producers, so there's a wide range of styles present.

This is being jointly released with a few other labels as well: Trovarobato, SuonoFantasma, Rxstnz, Nuke Satori

Track listing

  1. Voltre (produced by Burla2222)
  2. Opinionanismo (produced by Burla2222)
  3. Follia vs Robotica (produced by Burla2222)
  4. Caosmo (produced by Alfredtoc)
  5. Compluralizzazione (produced by Grr)
  6. In principio furon verbi (produced by A034, remixing Anticracy)
  7. Relazioni Caosmotiche (produced by Cybele)
  8. Caosino (produced by Subduxtion)
  9. Lavoragine (produced by Giulio Escalona)