Sphyramid is an electronic music producer from the pacific northwest of america. His influences and inspirations stem from progressive rock, idm, reggae, jazz, 90's hip-hop, anime, geometry, outer space and planet earth. He has been making music since 2005 but has only recently defined his signature blend of of glitchy dubs and breaks. There are two reasons why Sphyramid does what he does:
1st - to express himself,
2nd - to inspire you!

Sphyramid - EP1

Sphyramid - EP1

Catalogue: BITCR010
Released: 17 Nov 2009

Sphyramid has been producing in the northwest of USA for 4 years now, but this is his first bitcrusher release. Check out his signature blend of glitchy dubs and breaks, mostly produced on his wide range of hardware.

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