Downloading: Petr Passive - Kein Lust

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  • [-r] - square brackets hyphen r square brackets

    Brutal, crisp, beautiful breakcore from [-r]

  • The First Seed & Rubber Muffin - Today's Special

    Today's Special spawned from a jam session between Rubber Muffin and The First Seed in the spring of 2012 over the course of 2 manic hours. The release was initially only going to contain the resulting 7 live improvised noise pieces but after the tracks had been tweaked out to their absolute ADHD spazzed out tourettes inducing maximum the two Canadian breakcore/alternative electronic madmen realized that an ear full of seizures might be too much for even the most hardcore abstract music aficionados and thus each added 3 beat driven tracks (Ralph's Party Balloons, Three Times Twice, and the Missing Cap Edit from Rubber Muffin; Dragon Tails, Fly Trap, and Too Much from The First Seed) and both collaborated on an actual "dance" track; Do Doo Doo. Both artists continue to work on solo material and play live in Canada as often as possible and will definitely be collaborating on more releases in the future.

  • DON'TTOUCHMEBITCH! - Olney's Lesions

    Olney's lesions are a potential form of brain damage and also the the debut Bitcrusher release from DON'TTOUCHMEBITCH!

  • Bit-Phalanx vs. Bitcrusher - 'Bit x Bit' split compilation

    When one electronic music netlabel called Bitcrusher, and another called Bit-Phalanx find themselves both operating in London, it's perhaps inevitable that their paths would eventually cross.

    After our silent disco at one of Bit-Phalanx's events we've gone a step further with this split-release compilation. Featuring 6 artists from each label it's an excellent opportunity to check out some new artists and get some more from the ones you know...